Do I Hear My Own Words?

What Talking to Myself Looks Like

Before I go into the theme of my blog, I wanted to report that I was part way through this draft when I looked back to see if I had written about this topic in the past. What I discovered was interesting. In the past I have written about voices in my head I had referred to as “my demons,” this blog about the positive side of voices in your head or what talking to yourself (out loud) might resemble. What this tells me, is that I have moved past viewing these voices negatively and instead, see them as a positive influence.

I’ll be packing for a trip and I might say, don’t forget your bathing suit. I’m not sure why, but it works. I seem to remember better when I put the thought out there in the ether.

I also talk to myself (sometimes out loud) when I feel as if I need affirmation. For example, I might say, you were right to upgrade your cabin for the cruise. I don’t necessarily require an answer; one of the many benefits of talking to yourself.

I haven’t seen a therapist for a number of years, instead I am using other ways to cope; this is one of the ways. I’ll admit that there have been times when I’d catch myself saying something out loud and then responding, that’s ridiculous! At least it’s me saying it and not someone else.

Some of the Things I’ve been Known to Say Out Loud When Talking to Myself

  • Good morning America — when I see someone who takes my breath away
  • You don’t know shit — when I’m pretty sure I’m clueless
  • Take it easy
  • Keep your mouth shut Chris — hardly ever works
  • Fear will kill you
  • He or she is not worth your time or energy
  • If you walk away from this purchase, will you regret it later
  • Don’t eat it if you’re not hungry
  • Just worry about yourself
  • You must have done something good
  • Don’t mistake opinion for intelligence
  • Do what you want to do without announcing it to everyone around you
  • Stop gawking
  • You’re the luckiest man in the world
  • Leave it alone, it has nothing to do with you
  • Why in the hell did you just do that?
  • My back really hurts, but I’m alive
  • I wonder what would happen if I spoke to him right now . . . well that wasn’t so bad.
  • Stop caring about what he or she thinks, it doesn’t matter

Come to think of it, I say things to myself out loud more often than I thought. Seems to be a good deal of monitoring and keeping myself in check — whatever works.

What People Might Think

Sometimes when we think we are doing something privately, we discover that we in fact are being seen (or heard) by others. The positive thing about earbuds and other devices is that people all around us these days appear to be having conversations with themselves; therefore, you’ll fit right in. The bottom line is, who cares what people think.

Upcoming Travel

Belgium (mostly Brussels) on Wednesday; on to Marseilles in June, then Oban, Scotland in July, and finally starting in October, a long awaited trip to Dubai and Asia. South Africa for the first time in late January 2024.

I checked the weather for Brussels and the prediction is rain for a couple of the four days I will be there. Funny, but I get so much sunshine here in the Algarve, I welcome rain when I travel, the opposite of the way things were when I lived in New York and Maine. It’s interesting to note these changes in one’s life.

I’m torn about a day trip to Luxembourg because it’s three hours in a bus each way. If you’ve been and you have an opinion, please share it. The photos of Luxembourg on line are amazing.

Looking Back

I rarely do this, but I booked a moderately expensive upscale hotel in Pornic (my last trip). I originally had a beautiful Airbnb on a canal, however, the owner cancelled six weeks prior — one of the risks of booking an Airbnb. I booked this particular hotel because I had a drink at the bar last year and I liked what saw. It had a hammam, a really nice gym, and rooms with balconies looking out over the canal and Pornic. I’m going to say it was about $75 per night than I usually spend. I slept really well between the quiet, the excellent pillows, the luxury cotton sheets and the knowledge that I had blown my budget on a fancy hotel — I just had to get my monies worth. Just gotta say, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

As always, please forgive grammatical and typing errors, proofreading is tedious.

10 thoughts on “Talking to Myself

  1. To calm myself I say: “Everything will be all right.” I’m just back from a trip, and have tested positive for Covid (ugh). So far, not too bad; today is much better than yesterday – maybe because I had coffee for the first time since 5 a.m. Thursday in The Netherlands? “Everything will be all right.” Re: your Belgium trip – skip Bruges! Cruise ships go there, and sadly it’s a mob scene (“Brugesy-land”). Ghent is much better (also crowded, but saner). I was there on May Day, and it was fabulous – all the labor unions had a big, gala parade and an all-day festival in the main square (I brought home a red flag). The Paard van Troje bookshop is excellent! Beautiful, with a great selection in many languages. Have fun!

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  2. Definitely not the Netherlands; Tuesday in Brussels. Been to Bruges and Ghent so I’ll probably just stay local. Sorry to hear you have COVID, but they say everyone will get it eventually. “Everything will be alright.”


  3. when we talk to ourselves and then get lost in the conversations its the best feeling ever,we relialize that we are conversing so my question is who is listening,who is talking and who is having the realization that this conversation is happening……..we are greater than weve made to belive.we are universal way beyond what we see and know


  4. I not only talk to myself. I jammer… Once Ned called me regarding a question he had. I went to look for the answer, came back, gave him the answer then settled in to have a nice chat. He said, “well I will ring off so you can be with your guests…” and I said I didn’t have any and he promptly responded back “THEN WHO WERE YOU TALKING TOO?” Hey I just verbalize my thoughts constantly. Maybe because I was such a recluse as a kid. There was not anyone else I felt safe talking to I guess….
    pace baby cakes.


  5. Ever since I have started university, I have spent more time alone than I do with other people. Cause I live alone and I have a timetable personalized to me.

    I have found myself talking to myself out loud a lot. Whether it would staring in the mirror and exclaiming how beautiful I look or when I mess up saying, “That didn’t go so well. I could have done that better.” Or going through my plans for the day or sometimes just striking a conversation with myself.


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