Using Your Own Yardstick

A few profile factors to keep in mind when reading this bloggers point of view: white older male, raised in New York City, working class parents, divorced parents (several times), one of many children (11 in all, two mothers, and two fathers and a step-brother from a step-father not included in the count), and a work in progress until there is no more work to be done; in other words until the end.

Asking the Question: Am I Successful?

As an American, I was raised in a money equals success culture. Living abroad and travel has taught me that money and material things are not necessarily the only way to measure success.

American Variables Pointing to Success:

  • Where you live
  • Your pedigree
  • Whether or not you are well educated. Private versus public, ivy versus non-ivy, prestigious or run of the mill
  • What your parents do or did for a living
  • Your career(s)
  • Size of owned home. Ownership is not always a factor
  • Number of homes, second home, location(s)
  • Money in the bank, savings, investments
  • Where you vacation
  • Whom you associate with
  • The quality and cost of your “things”
  • How you dress
  • Which parties and events you are invited to
  • Which country clubs you belong to
  • The car you drive

I’m sure I’ve something out.

No Judgment

I want to start by making it clear that if any of the aforementioned matters to you, it is unfair to judge you. We cannot be blamed for the culture and/or societal norms we are often pressured into embracing. In addition, one should be free to choose if what one is choosing is legal and not harming another.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to showing off some measure of success. There was a time when I would drop hints about a country house or where I received my Ph.D. Notice how I found a way to work that in. In retrospect, none of it matters anymore. All I want is to be healthy, feel safe, eat well, spend time with friends and family, enjoy Paco for as long as the universe allows, and see as much of the world as I’m permitted to see. I was born naked and pure and I will die stripped of the material world’s adornments. Whatever anyone else thinks about my success or lack of success is inconsequential. Now all I have to do is believe it.

Upcoming Travel

Marseilles in two weeks to see more of Provence and spend time with friends. These particular friends read where I was traveling, reached out and coincidentally will be in Provence at the same time. I love serendipity. Scotland in July. More future travel in my next blog.

Current State of Mind

I know I’m not alone in saying this; however, it is my story. I’ve come to a place where I feel that in order to keep things interesting, I will soon need to shake things up a bit. I cannot allow life to become mundane. Fortunately, unlike other times when I felt this way, I am not considering a big move. Having just spruced up my home, I’m planning on a hobby which allows me to spend more time enjoying it.

I am fully aware of the advantages of good health and leisure time; neither should be taken for granted or wasted on frivolity.

Writing on a tablet is challenging, therefore, please forgive all errors.

7 thoughts on “Measuring Success

    1. Ha. I’m thinking about something other than reading, on-line games, napping, tv watching.etc. I dunno, maybe singing from my balcony?


  1. This means a lot Peter. The writing helps me find meaning in all of the insanity. Maybe someday I can get you to visit Faro.


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