Coming to Terms

Acceptance Part II and a Bit of Amsterdam I’ve been trying to change several things about myself for a long, long time. Age helps you realize that there are things we cannot change. Acceptance is healthier and easier. I’m in Amsterdam; a very tidy, liberal and picturesque city. It’s easy to walk and reflect, sit… Continue reading Coming to Terms

Who’s in Your Head?

Let’s face it, we all have demons. Mine always choose the worst time to enter my consciousness: sometime around 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. Between having to get up to pee numerous times and these visitors, I get out of bed exhausted. These are people that were either a part of my past or live among… Continue reading Who’s in Your Head?

Madeira, Portugal

If you’re thinking about flying into Madeira and you’re one of these people who gets all tense when it’s time to land, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO: I was fortunate to have my entire row on the TAP flight coming into Madeira. I slid over from my aisle seat (I always sit in this… Continue reading Madeira, Portugal

Portuguese Wine Country: Alentejo in All Its Splendor

I was discussing Portugal and all there is to discover with some friends recently. We decided that this is a good time to explore some of the places we have not yet visited. COVID-19 cases are way down in Portugal. This was a fairly impulsive trip with very little planning, save for the hotel in… Continue reading Portuguese Wine Country: Alentejo in All Its Splendor

Aging Without A Partner

    Another one of those “I won’t feel sorry for myself” blogs. As you know, many people, consciously or unconsciously, decide to have children so that there will be someone to take care of them when they get old. Now don’t get all judgie on me, I’m not saying that it’s the primary reason… Continue reading Aging Without A Partner

The Problem with Arrogance

I occasionally find another blogger whose writing speaks to me. I thought it might resonate with you as well. Wise & Shine Troy Headrick’s personal blog can be found at Thinker Boy:  Blog & Art. When I was growing up, there was a very common euphemism that was used when referring to those who behaved… Continue reading The Problem with Arrogance

Catania, Sicilia . . . Finally!

  Good stuff about Catania — click on anything underlined for more info It’s pouring rain outside and I’m okay with that. After four or five months of nothing but sunshine, the rain is a welcome relief. Sunshine starting Friday (two days away). I arrived to Catania on Monday evening and I’ll be here for… Continue reading Catania, Sicilia . . . Finally!