Coping With and Managing Empathy What We’re all Dealing With Everyone tends to believe that circumstances are worse now than they’ve ever been. The truth is that this is just not the case. The Holocaust was a great deal worse; WWI or WWII were terrible times, Hiroshima, plagues in history when millions perished — yes… Continue reading Empathy

Tools For Survival In the Modern World

Situations I’ve Discovered Require Tools Tools For Living The best tool is a good friend; a friend whom you can trust and call upon. This friend will not judge or question your loyalty. A friend can get you through some pretty rough stuff. Be sure to nurture good friendships, they’re hard to come by. Food… Continue reading Tools For Survival In the Modern World


Of all the varieties of modern pollution, noise is the most insidious. ~ Robert Lacey Good Sounds I’m so glad I made this list because until today, I have been thinking that all I wanted to hear was silence. Noise Gets Worse As My Day Progresses Ambulance sirens sounding, jack hammers hammering, motorcycles revving, revving… Continue reading NOISE

The Frequency of Travel

Or Staying Put Recently, a few people very close to me expressed their concern about my travel habits this past year. No one said as much, but I got the feeling that some may have thought I was running away from something. Damn it to hell when people who love me are right. It’s true,… Continue reading The Frequency of Travel

Looking At Yourself

No One is Harder on You Than Yourself (mostly true) Note: Not sure what went wrong, but I have lost a couple of hours of work on this blog. I typed out the questions below and then answered them truthfully. I thought about my answers all day the following day; if I’m going to be… Continue reading Looking At Yourself

Soul Searching Is a Scary Business

But the Alternative Is Worse How It Began When things went sideways for me back in Brooklyn 10 years ago, I decided there was only one solution to getting back on track. I was determined to start taking better care of my emotional well-being with the hope that all else would fall into place. There… Continue reading Soul Searching Is a Scary Business

Taking Care of Yourself Matters

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” – Audre Lorde Mind, Body, Spirit & Self-love Self-loathing is no picnic and often not easily recognized by the loather. Hiding my sexuality for the first chapter of my life, marrying a woman, being… Continue reading Taking Care of Yourself Matters

Travel Tips for Frequent Travellers and Genoa

A little bit of Milan as well (less than 24 hours in this city) Photo: Milan and Genoa (on this trip) My Blog My Opinion I’m stuck in my hotel room in Genoa today (Wednesday) due to severe thunderstorms (I love them, but they never happened). I shouldn’t say “stuck” because I’m in a very… Continue reading Travel Tips for Frequent Travellers and Genoa

Navigating Feelings

“Feelings that come back, are feelings that never left.” — anonymous I got feelings, you got feelings, we all got feelings . . . truth right; poetic even? Lately I feel like I’m feeling too much; too much is wrong with the world and I have the feeling that it isn’t going to get any… Continue reading Navigating Feelings

What I Don’t Miss About My Youth

I used the above photo for two reasons: first I was partying like the devil that night (on Fire Island for a few days), and second, when I look back, I have no desire to return to that time. Naive, blind to the truth and too easily influenced by others. No regrets, just looking forward… Continue reading What I Don’t Miss About My Youth