Or Staying Put

Not my window

Recently, a few people very close to me expressed their concern about my travel habits this past year. No one said as much, but I got the feeling that some may have thought I was running away from something. Damn it to hell when people who love me are right. It’s true, I was running away; I’ve been running for a long time, and . . .

Not running from any one particular person, place or thing, but I do run. When you become aware of something and you own it, you’re more likely to make change happen. Change is happening for me now.

Arguments for Staying Home More

  • Save money
  • Spend more time with your pet.
  • Enjoy and appreciate your home.
  • If you like routine, it’s easier to keep up with it at home.
  • Your food won’t go stale.
  • Commitment to create a nest you’re happy to nest in.
  • Becoming a regular at neighborhood eateries is extremely satisfying on so many levels.

Making Travel A Treat

If you’re like me, too much of a good thing gets old fast. I’ve learned that I need time between travel. Travel is exhausting these days; you need time to fully recover before you venture out again. If you space it out, it gives you time to anticipate your next adventure.

The joy of discovery is the single most important thing in life. Don’t forget it.

— The Common Wanderer

2023 Travel (scheduled)

No travel until March 1st!

Florida, Liverpool, Nantes, Pornic, Oban (Scotland), Dubai, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong. My very first trip to Asia. I believe this will be more than enough travel for one year. I’ll be in my own bed a lot more in 2023.

Just an Aside

Two amazing things happened in 2022: I reconciled with a family member that I have been estranged from for too long. I love this person very much, therefore, it was a difficult estrangement. The other is that I have come closer to being a whole person who truly believes that I am enough. I know it’s a big deal.


I don’t want my blogs to become boring or irrelevant. Please share your honest thoughts with me; I promise not to cry or block you. You can only send me a private message. I appreciate the ability to put my twisted thoughts in writing and share them with you — always with the intention of helping someone, somewhere, who may relate in some way.

15 thoughts on “The Frequency of Travel

  1. I certainly appreciate the opportunity to see so much more of you in 2023 – especially now you will be more mobile!! Happy New Year friend ♥️


  2. You’re going to Oban! How cool! I took a ferry from there to join a walking and sailing trip years ago that was epic; I still remember the bracing, cold air as the boat pulled out of the harbor. I don’t remember much of the town, but the rail trip there was great as well; a group of very festive hikers boarded with dogs and Champagne – one of them was climbing his last Munro (a hill-walking challenge in that part of the world) and they were celebrating. Wonderful memories!


  3. We travel a lot when our kids come to visit, even if just here in Portugal. We cram so much in I start to forget wonderful moments because I haven’t had enough time to savor them. It’s good to have time to really remember the things that make travel special, to mull over that special dinner or experience and not just cram everything together till you can’t remember if that show was in Venice or Porto!


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