I don’t know about you but I have a brain that just doesn’t shut down. I have discovered a few ways to help quiet it down:

  • meditation — there are several methods. What works for me is to allow my mind to go wherever it wants to go for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • journaling — moving it from my brain to paper is very effective
  • talk ideas/concerns/frustrations through with someone else
  • walk or exercise
  • read a novel
  • play time or quiet time with your pet
  • a good film
  • listen to music
  • focus on positive thoughts
  • volunteer work

So long as you do not judge me, I’ll tell you where my crazy thoughts go when unmonitored or bridled:

  • Trump and the damage he has done (continues to do) to the world
  • In some ways I am more concerned with those who believe Trump’s rhetoric and support him.
  • people who disappoint
  • family that claim that they want nothing to do with me because of my politics. I know it has more to do with the fact that I stand by my truth. Oh how I wish I could name names.
  • money
  • COVID-19
  • climate change and what we are doing to our planet
  • people who do not recycle or pick up their dog shit
  • people who live in my building and refuse to pay their condo fees . . . and get away with it
  • arthritis in my shoulders
  • prostate (especially at 3:00 a.m.)
  • what happend at the Capital this week kept me up all night

You can see why I would rather stay focused on positive thoughts. I imagine you might have similar demons.


Tasting Page piece (click for article) — 17 Ways . . .



Future Posts

I’ve been thinking about where I intend to go with my blog in 2021. I tend to mix it up: lessons I’ve learned, past experiences, and fictional stories. If you can let me know if you have a preference, I would appreciate it.


I was interviewed by Agatha Khishchenko, a podcaster out of Brooklyn (on Spotify); check it out here:

A couple of corrections: my first professional position at Hofstra University was Coordinator of Student Activities in Residence Life (not Director as I stated in the interview). Also, I taught classes at Hofstra and Marymount Manhattan College (not NYU where I did my Ph.D.). I want to make sure my answers are correct.

6 thoughts on “Quieting The Mind

  1. I like the travel reports but that it tough now, more “cooking with Chris”?, short/serialized fiction is always fun, I think a look back on nyc gay culture in the 70-80-90’s would be interesting, wine/cocktail reviews?, tv/film reviews and recommendations? You write it, I’ll read it!


  2. A lovely and honest view of your faith in mindfulness.
    I sometimes wonder if it’s doing any good, my meditation practice, then I remember that I haven’t put my fist through a wall in years, so I guess that’s progress…


  3. I cannot wait for January 20th. My entire family and half of my friends are Republicans and think that Trump walks on water. I hope he spends the rest of his miserable life in exile or in prison. He is truly the worst US President In history. From the beginning, 5 years ago, he made promises that he could not or did not keep (i.e. building the great wall on our Southern border and having Mexico pay for it, replacing Obamacare with a much better healthcare system). Those are just 2 things that he promised and did not deliver. By the way, the portion of wall that was done has a crumbling foundation and will collapse before long. He was too busy playing footsie with “Rocket Man” in North Korea. I have no idea where this immature ignoramus will end up, but I don’t believe there is a country who will take him in. He is going to need to buy his own private island where he can look in the mirror and keep telling himself that he won the election by a landslide, since he is the only one who believes it. I have never hated anyone like I hate Trump. He is a pompous asshole who let 400,000 Americans die from COVID and never once showed any remorse or sympathy for the families. Even Chris Christie finally smartened up after he contracted COVID 19. You don’t see him standing next to Trump anymore. Trump is a one man super spreader and should go to prison just for putting so many people around him vulnerable to the virus. More than half of his staff got it, and he still didn’t give a shit. Wherever he ends up, I hope he takes Rudy Giuliani with him, a man I have lost all respect for.


  4. You’re so right Linda. I’m grateful for the change. Let’s hope the extremists stay away from the good people in Washington. We’re in lockdown again. Taking it easy with Paco. Stay healthy.


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