A poem illustrating my state of mind

Guns kill, children giggle and hide
Bullets wound, children inspire
Rounds of ammunition in their still growing ears
Laughter, hope and lives shattered

How dare we righteously protect the right to own a gun
Disregard souls alive with innocence
How dare we ignore the pain of the unimaginable
Powerful gun owners; sanctimonious and pious

Do you hear the children's voices
Do you hear their cries of pain
Are you so broken that you cannot hear them
Can your head rest so easily on their tiny coffins

Stop and listen to the silence
What you cannot hear is a life cut short
If numbness and the absence of empathy prevail
We will weep tears of blood forevermore

Gun laws, politics and righteous indignation:
Gun lobbyists, bought politicians and second amendment rights demonstrators; all evil forces at work as we mourn innocent lives lost. I am so angry at humankind; I wretch and squeeze my fists with rage. Tell me what to do and I will do it.

6 thoughts on “The Sweet Sound of Children’s Voices

  1. I know how much you love the States, but one of the main reasons you live in Europe is because you can’t stand American politcs about mayor issues like this… Not to mention abortion.
    It is true that the gun mess is specifically American. Crazy people in Europe has more difficult access to weapons, but the problem of mental health is poorly treated equally on both sides of the Atlantic.

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    1. Yes, you know me well. I’m so much happier here. The U.S. is going to implode one day. I do love my country for reasons I cannot explain. Be well Alejandro.


  2. You’re right and what what makes me really crazy these sanctimonious bastards will write don’t say gay bills to protect children? WHAT THE FUUUUCCCKKK???!


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